Human Resources Audit


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Human Resources (HR) audit, which is a subset a management audits, examines an institution’s HR capacity to sufficiently support its programmatic and organisational needs. The audit also seeks to examine the extent to which HR risks are adequately identified, documented, and addressed by the entity.

Areas of Focus

Organisational Structure
Record Keeping / Documentation
Appraisal Systems
Strategic Planning
Position Profile
Succession Planning
Exit Interviews
Compensation Overview
Policies and Procedures
Training and Development
Recruitment Process


Assessment if the current capacity, skills, experience, and qualifications of the paid staff and any volunteer resources are commensurate with the long-term needs and goals of the organisation

Identify and prioritise HR related risks

Increased efficiency, transparency and accountability of the organisational structure

Alignment with industry best practices

Increased employee satisfaction

Identify any statutory non-compliance and recommend intervention to speed up the compliance process and mitigate related risks