Information Technology Audit

 Definition   |   Areas of Focus   |    Benefits


An Information Technology (IT) audit is an examination into an institution’s current IT systems and controls to provide assurance that the IT infrastructure and interfaces are secure, follow industry best practice standards, and meet internal policies and objectives. 

Areas of Focus

Application Security
Penetration Testing
Hardware / Software Review
Network Security
Data Management
Policies and Procedures
Data Back-up Procedures
Reporting Systems
Disaster / Business Continuity Planning


Evaluate the flow of data within your organisation

Recommend on how to leverage information technology in your Institutional operations

Ensure that servers are configured as per industry best practice

Identify security risks within the network

Reduce IT costs by allowing you to make informed future investment decisions on your IT assets

In-depth analysis of your internal and external IT practices and system

Ensure software license compliance

Validate the disaster & recovery process

Review compliance with statutory regulations