Facilities Management Audit


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A Facilities Management review evaluates the effectiveness of post-construction management systems, controls, and contracts in the overall management of a particular facility.

It is intended to highlight operational risks and seeks to strengthen policies and procedures to improve facility operations and long-term sustainability. The scope of the review may include a comprehensive analysis of the handover process post-construction, the organizational structure for ongoing management, and policies and procedures to support operations.

Areas of Focus

Policies and Procedures
Energy conservation plan
Document Retention
Fixed Assets
Maintenance and Upkeep
Emergency Planning
Capital Replacement Plan
Handover Process
Safety and Security


Review the effectiveness of the systems implemented to manage the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

Analyse cost-savings opportunities related to the operation of the facility

Assess the reasonableness of long term operational costs and capital replacement schedule

Detail any risks which may impact the performance of the facility

Provide assurance that adequate insurance and warranties are available for fixed assets

Ensure statutory compliance