Construction Audit Training


Overview   |   Curriculum


The Construction Audit training programme is segregated into four complimentary modules focusing on topics such as the 4-phase audit approach, strategies for conducting effective construction audits, construction lifecycle, terminology, and project management. The curriculum includes a hybrid of “real-life” case studies and workshops.

The training programme is currently being migrated to an online platform with a expected completion date in the 1st quarter of 2022.


Module 1: Introduction

• Guidance on construction auditing
• Benefits and objectives of construction auditing
• Overview of construction audit methodology

Module 3: Methodology

Phase I: JKD Proposal Template: Provide guidelines and tips on reviewing JKD submissions
Phase II: Controls Assessment: Review the elements of the Controls Assessment Template – Pre Construction (0%)
Phase III: Quality Assessment: Review the methodology related to conducting the 50%-Phase III quality assessment
Phase IV: Post-Completion: Review the process and best practices related to the post-construction audit phase

Module 4: Conclusion

• Lessons learnt from past audits
• Provide tips for taking better construction pictures
• Overview of the construction audit manual

Module 2: Overview of the Construction Industry and Terminology

Entities: Define the roles and responsibilities of the various types of construction entities including the contractor, engineer, QS, etc.
Lifecycle: Review the 4 phases of the construction lifecycle process
Procurement: Review various procurement strategies including the advantage and disadvantage of each
Bidding/Tendering: Review the bidding/tendering process. Review the selection criteria and bidding package and any associated risks.
Contract Management: Review types of contracts and attributes of a well-written contract
Bonds: Review the types of bonds
Change Order: Review the change order process and discuss the causes & trends related to change orders
Financial Management: Review policies and best practices related to financial management of JKD projects. Review monthly dashboard template.
Project Governance: Define project governance and review best practices
Construction Fraud: Review the motivations for construction fraud and the various types of fraud schemes