Developing Creative Accountants

STRATEGIC FINANCE  | COVID-19 has changed the way we work. We’ve turned bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens into offices. We’ve worn button-downs and blazers above the waist and sweatpants and shorts below the waist when meeting virtually with our clients […] 

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The new possible: How HR can help build the organization of the future

Future, Problem solving

MCKINSEY & COMPANY | The pandemic underscores the urgency for a more dynamic talent and work model. Human-resources leaders can help by focusing on identity, agility, and scalability […] 

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Data as a Strategic Asset

STRATEGIC FINANCE  | Within any organization, a leader’s role is to identify and clearly communicate the organization’s vision, mission, and value proposition. Based on that vision, short-, mid-, and long-term strategic objectives are determined, and the vision is seen through into execution […] 

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Hybrid Work Is the New Remote Work

BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP  |  Employers around the world are straddling a bridge between yesterday, when most employees at most companies were physically present at work, and tomorrow, when a vaccine or effective treatment will open the possibility of safe return to the traditional workplace. Yet even when that happens, remote work will have earned a […]

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6 Leadership Paradoxes for the Post-Pandemic Era

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW  | To succeed in the post-pandemic era, leaders need new skills and capabilities, leaders must be proficient across a wide set of paradoxical characteristics. Leaders must be strategic executors, balancing vision with execution. Second, they must be humble […] 

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The five core IT shifts of scaled agile organizations

MCKINSEY & COMPANY  | In pursuing an agile transformation, CEOs and CIOs can find common ground in five IT shifts that can enable traditional players to compete with digital disrupters […] 

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Future of Work

MCKINSEY& COMPANY  |  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to our working lives in the short term, and is likely to change the way that we work in the long term.1 To understand these changes, McKinsey commissioned a survey of business executives around the world in June 2020. The results suggest that the crisis may accelerate […]

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Cyber Security Awareness

Risk Management, Security, Technology

PWC  |  When it comes to influencing security behaviours for remote working and virtual meetings, office posters aren’t an option. Organisations need new and engaging ways to ensure employees keep data and systems safe while working from home.

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Managing Risks: A New Framework

Risk Management

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW   |   Risk management is too-often treated as a compliance issue that can be solved by drawing up lots of rules and making sure that all employees follow them. Many such rules, of course, are sensible and do reduce some risks that could severely damage a company. But rules-based risk management will not […]

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Increasing Nonprofit Executive Team Effectiveness

BRIDGESPAN   |  A nonprofit executive team’s effectiveness is essential for an organization’s success. Yet often these teams underperform for a variety of reasons. The five steps laid out here can help nonprofit executive teams move from underperforming to high-performing in their work to advance their organizations’ missions.

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Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times

Personal Development

MCKINSEY & COMPANY   |    Great problem solvers are made, not born. That’s what we’ve found after decades of problem solving with leaders across business, nonprofit, and policy sectors. These leaders learn to adopt a particularly open and curious mindset, and adhere to a systematic process for cracking even the most inscrutable problems. They’re terrific problem […]

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Strategic Analysis and the Management Accountant

Audit Criteria, Future

STRATEGIC FINANCE | With the increasing complexity, volatility, uncertainty, and pace of change and competition in today’s global marketplace, the need for strategic analysis and execution has never been greater. Management accountants are in a unique position to participate in and lead the strategic analysis process. To do so, however, requires strategic thinking and strategic analysis […]

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4 Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW  | If you believe that strategic thinking is only for senior executives, think again. It can, and must, happen at every level of the organization; it’s one of those unwritten parts of all job descriptions. Once you’ve accepted that it’s part of your job, focus on developing four […] 

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