1. What is GRB’S mandate

Per Article 9 of the Ismaili Constitution, the Grants and Review was formed to ensure compliance with proper standards of financial discipline, accountability, and cost and management effectiveness by institutions which receive financial support from Mawlana Hazar Imam or the Jamat.

The aims and objectives of the Grants and Review Board shall be to:
– evaluate budgeted expenditures against stated objectives and strategies;
– ensure the proper application of resources and compliance with systems and procedures; and
– monitor the disbursement of funds and carry out periodic financial, management and social audits.

2. When was GRB established?

GRB was established in 1986 when the new Ismaili Constitution was ordained.

3. Who does the GRB report to?

The GRB is an independent institution and reports directly to Mawlana Hazar Imam.

4. Where are the GRBs located?

There are 21 GRB’s globally in the following countries: Afghanistan, Australia & New Zealand, Bangladesh, Canada, D.R. of Congo, Far East, France, India, Iran, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Portugal, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, UAE, UK, and USA.

5. What training programmes does GRB offer?

The GRB offers 3 comprehensive training programmes in the areas of management, construction, and social audit as well as training related to budgeting policies and procedures.

6. What is IMAT?

IMAT or International Management Audit Training programme is GRB’s flagship training programme first delivered in 2001.  The curriculum has been updated through the years incorporating changing industry trends and new best practices.

7. How are the training programmes delivered?

The IMAT programme is delivered via the Canvas distance learning platform.  Canvas is one of the leading Learning Management Systems utilized by many leading global universities.  The self-paced programme is 25 hours in duration delivered over 5-weeks incorporating videos, group workshops, quizzes/tests, and discussion boards.  A facilitator is assigned to each course to mentor and guide the students through each of the modules.

8. How do I sign-up for the training programmes?

Please contact the National GRB Chairperson for your jurisdiction for more information regarding the training programmes.  The IMAT programme will be available starting June 2021.  Information regarding country space allocations and session dates will be communicated at a later date.

9. Can non-GRB members attend the training programmes?

Currently, the training programmes are only available to GRB members and staff.

10. How do I access the resources section?

The resources section is only available to GRB members and staff.  Please contact your respective National GRB Chairperson for the validation code to register for the website.

11. How do I request new additions to the resources section?

Please contact the Content Editor at Editor@GRBLink.com for any new resources (e.g. audit criteria, audit plans, terms of reference, etc.) you would like available on the website.